The Little Things

I often joke that I started The Radish back in 1993 as an elaborate ruse to shop guilt-free for vintage serving pieces & fun housewares. Many warehouse managers over the years have raised a weary eyebrow when I show up with another haul of “Little Things” for which they’ll need to find a new home.

Much like the way a vintage goblet can transform the simplest sauvignon blanc into an event in and of itself, our attention to detail and appreciation for the Little Things are deeply engrained in our Radish culture. So much so that “The Root of a Proper Party” is emblazoned on our vans, coffee mugs and aprons.

Whether it’s placing that freshly picked thyme sprig on the rim of our Garden Gimlet or that perfectly patina’d silver pitcher resting handsomely on the bar, the magic of the Radish Way shines through our seemingly effortless effort. (note: “seemingly” being the operative word). We love serving amazing food & drinks that linger in the memories of our guests long after the party is over, and we know it’s our attention to the Little Things that make the memory truly special.

To this day, very few things make me happier than when one of our chefs discovers a beautiful new serving piece that she’s excited to bring to her next party. Or how our hors d’oeuvres stand just a little taller when arranged on one our beautiful wood paddles. And look no further for evidence that we treasure the Little Things than my first blog post (September 2020) which is almost entirely dedicated to my predilection for pedestals.

This attention to the Little Things is at the heart of what we do. And even more importantly, who we are. For us, we do not simply schlep food & beverages. The Radish creates an experience for our guests that feels special, curated and not mass-produced. Our culinary team takes the time to do it right, with no shortcuts. And this skill and thoughtfulness most definitely shows up on your plate.

That being said, we also hold a tremendous amount of respect for the “Big Things” because it doesn’t really matter if our precious little savory tartlets and chocolate mousse cups are packed & ready to head to the party if our catering trucks and walk-in coolers aren’t running properly.

Big Things like the 24/7 refrigeration temperature alarms which our chef tracks on her cell phone and the meticulous vehicle maintenance log our warehouse manager keeps are the backbone of our success as a team. And even though I’d much rather be on the hunt for that perfect vintage seltzer dispenser to add to our bar collection, we wouldn’t get to focus on the Little Things at all if we didn’t trust our amazing operations and culinary team to make the magic happen behind the curtain.

Speaking of the magic behind the curtain, I hope you enjoy these images of some of my favorite Little Things as they peek out from the shelves in our warehouse alongside their more practical cousins (cases of rubber gloves, commercial ovens, stacks of hotel pans, etc.), all anxiously awaiting their next party. 

And that’s the magic of the Little Things. They wait patiently to elevate and make everything just a little more special. So rest assured, I’ll continue my treasure hunt as our amazing warehouse manager shuffles things around to accommodate more of these little gems.

And as we look forward to our next season, our team is anxiously polishing the silver (but not so much as to remove the patina or character) and can’t wait to be a part of your next big bash!

Cheers~  Lisbet

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  • Shawn Harris says:

    I love your blog! Each one is like a chance to catch up- miss you! As a fellow thrift hunt lover I love seeing your lovely collections. Hope to catch up for real- soon! Shawn

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