Radish Blog Series

A Thesaurus and a Bottle of Red Wine

When I was twenty-four, I sat on the floor of my Eastlake studio apartment, opened a bottle of red wine and cracked open my thesaurus. I needed a name for my catering company quickly because I had just booked my first party…

(Still) My Happy Place

After almost 30 years of Radish-ing, I still love being in the center of the controlled chaos (aka my “Happy Place”). When dinner service begins…

The Little Things

…that’s the magic of the Little Things. They wait patiently to elevate and make everything just a little more special.


Fall has always been my hands-down, favorite season. Yes, I know it sounds like an ad for cheap Halloween candy. After growing up in Southern California where every day of the year looks exactly the same, the arrival of fall in Seattle makes my heart fill up with an appreciation for strolling in the crisp…

“Dive in. It’s all going to be OK.”

“Diving headfirst into life” has (almost) always served me well. I have also been fortunate to have an arsenal of lovely people in my life who play devil’s advocate to some of my more cockamamie or impractical schemes (You know who you are!). They gently remind me that maybe I should rethink opening a new restaurant…

Prosecco, Pedestals and a Pause

Prosecco, Pedestals and a Pause

I thought today would be a fun way to begin our Radish blog series since the First Day of ANYthing always feel fresh and invigorating to me. Unfortunately, “fresh & invigorating” isn’t how most of us are feeling these days.